Luxor is a city in southern Egypt contains a third of the effects of the world,you can visit Dendara Temple,Karnak Temple,Hatshepsut Temple,Luxor Temple,Valley of the kings,Valley of the Queens,Colossi of Memnon statues and Luxor Museum.

Quad Safari tour Info

Live adventure and watch the sunrise view at the desert of West bank of Luxor in Quiad Bike tour from your hotel or Nile cruise with All Tours Egypt with high quality services and good Quad Safari tour see more

Dendara & Abydos tour Info

Excursions to Dendera and Abydos, All Tours Egypt offers you Dendera and Abydos Tour in Luxor from your hotel or Nile cruise , you will visit Dendara temple then you will visit Abydos temple, you will have your see more